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Primary Working Group

The primary working group was put together to support the work of the biology curriculum committee and be a source of expertise on primary science education. The group report to the biology curriculum committee, who in turn report to the education training and policy committee of the Royal Society of Biology.

The terms of reference for the primary working group are to:

  • develop the Society's suggested ideal biology content and criteria for how biology is taught in primary schools (ages 3-11)
  • work collaboratively with chemistry and physics colleagues to ensure there is continuity of approaches across the science disciplines for primary science
  • ensure that the curriculum is accessible to non-science specialists
  • consider the appropriate training and CPD that is needed to support primary science teachers
  • respond to consultations relating to primary science
  • feedback on documents produced by the curriculum committee

Primary working group members:

  • Berry Billingsley
  • Marianne Cutler
  • Kulvinder Johal
  • Liz Lawrence
  • Marc Neesam
  • Gayle Pook
  • Louise Stubberfield
  • Michael Taggart
  • Jane Turner


Sarah Dalmedo CSciTeach MRSB