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At-Bristol, Anchor Road, Harbourside, Bristol BS1 5DB

Bugs for Life will be promoting edible insects as a sustainable future food source.

During Biology Week, Bugs for Life will be discussing, rearing and cooking insects in front of your very own eyes to show you that bugs can be good grub and save the planet at the same time! As part of the Bristol 'We the Curious' launch on 8th October, they will be exhibiting in a family friendly space with activities fit for all. Whether it's catching the insect-bug by talking to scientists, making your own micro-insect farm or coming up with your own recipes, we bet you'll become an entomophage by the time you leave!



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All are welcome.

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For all enquiries please contact Melissa Lennartz-Walker.

This event is funded by the RSB Regional Grant Scheme

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