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London, UK

The Society for Medicines Research and the British Pharmacological Society are pleased to announce their first joint meeting, specifically targeted towards young researchers from across the UK and Europe with an interest in drug discovery.

Who should attend?

The meeting is particularly targeted at final year undergraduate, PhD and postdoctoral researchers working in all areas of chemistry, chemical biology, biology and genetics relevant to drug discovery and early career scientists working in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry.

The one-day programme will bring together internationally-recognised speakers and will also provide an opportunity for young scientists to present their research through oral and poster presentations.

A key aspect of working in drug discovery is the interaction with scientists from other disciplines and to understand the challenges that each discipline faces. This meeting will therefore provide a unique opportunity for young researchers to share their experience and to network with scientists from a wide range of disciplines and experience working in drug discovery.


The preliminary programme is now available and a call for speakers and poster presenters to complete the programme will shortly be announced with a final programme appearing during the summer. Prizes will be awarded for the best talk and the best poster by a young scientist.
How do we de-risk new or ‘undruggable' targets, quickly?
Professor Chas Bountra, Structural Genomics, UK
The kinetics of drug action; signalling in a new era
Professor Steve Charlton, University of Nottingham, UK
Impact of the new biology
Dr Darrin Disley, Horizon Discovery, UK
Up to ten oral presentations from young scientists
A poster session and networking drinks reception

Registration & submitting research

Book your place today at
Oral presentation submissions must be received by 19th May, with poster submissions open until 5th September.


Please direct queries to Susanne Schweda at