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Culpeper Community Garden, 1 Cloudesley Road, London N1 0EJ

Learn about the physics of birds and bird conservation with the Institute of Physics and the Royal Society of Biology.

The Institute of Physics will be hosting an event focused on the physics of birds and bird conservation at the Culpeper Community Garden. We will have talks from Euan Allen and Mya-Rose Craig (aka @birdgirluk). Euan is a Bristol based researcher and young physics communicator of the year runner up. Mya-Rose is a teenage bird conservation enthusiast.

Euan's talk is titled: Physics of the Fabulous
'The natural world is jammed packed with some amazingly colourful creatures. Interestingly, some of these brilliant animals have evolved a very unusual way of generating this colour. Armed with a microscope and some colourful critters, we'll explore just how these animals create this fantastically fabulous look and how we can use this technique to our own advantage.'

15 year old Mya-Rose Craig AKA Birdgirl is an avid birder, blogger and storyteller. Listen to her tales of being born into a birding family and finding her own path to becoming a world birder. Mya will recount some of her experiences and birds seen around the world, as she became the youngest person to see 4,000. She will also talk about her birding in Britain and of her desire to inspire young people and Minority Ethnic people to become interested in birds, wildlife and conservation.

On the day

Visit the Royal Society of Biology exhibitor stand and meet the outreach team who will be doing hands-on garden activities.

Who should attend?

This event is open to all.

Further details

Visit the Institute of Physics website for free registration and full details.