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Sheffield Institute of Translational Neuroscience (SITraN), University of Sheffield, 385a Gl
Yorkshire branch

The brain and nervous system: in sickness and in health

The brain is the control centre of the body; it processes and stores information and regulates the functions and behaviour of the body.  Our brains constantly receive, integrate and process information from our senses and respond to this information by sending  messages via the spinal cord to the peripheral nerves that control to our muscles and organs. The brain and nervous system contain billions of neurones (nerve cells) that are able to transmit information through electrical and chemical signals.

In this symposium we will hear about the normal functions of the brain and nervous system and the mechanisms and consequences of diseases that interfere with this, such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Muscular Dystrophy. We will also hear about the latest research into these potentially devastating neurodegenerative conditions.

Refreshments & Registration
Session 1
Chair: Dr Lynda Partridge

10.00 Dr Lynda Partridge: General Introduction and welcome

10.05 Dr Jon Wood (SITraN): Introduction to the brain and nervous system

10.20 Dame Professor Pamela Shaw (SITraN): Neurodegenerative disease: research at SITraN

11.20 Dr Yael Benn (Dept Psychology, Manchester Metropolitan University): Navigating through digital folders uses the same brain structures as real world navigation

12.20 - 14.00 LUNCH and tour of facilities of SITraN

Session 2 Chair: Dr Steven Picksley

14.00 Professor Oliver Bandmann (SITraN): 200 years of Parkinson's disease - are we any wiser now?

15.00 Professor Peter Redgrave (Dept Psychology, University of Sheffield): Parkinson's disease: Where did my habits go?

15.55 Dr Steven Picksley Concluding remarks

16.00 Refreshments & close

16.15 AGM

Further information and bookings

Bookings are required for this event. A program and booking form can be downloaded.

Please contact Dr Stephen Picksley to book a place by email or telephone  01274235935

Charges include tea/coffee & biscuits before and after the symposium:
RSB Members £5
Non-members £7.50
Students/unwaged £2

Lunch will be also available at £10 per head