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Unconscious Bias and Micro Behaviours

It is now acknowledged that in addition to eradicating discrimination and bias within an organisation it is important to consider the role of unconscious bias on individual behaviours and the impact it is having on your ability to create an open, fair and inclusive workplace culture for all.

This half day awareness building course aims to educate staff and managers so that they can lead by example in the quest to change mind-sets and create a more diverse and inclusive workplace. Before the training we ask those attending to take the Implicit Association Test to understand more about how bias affects our decision making and spontaneous behaviours.

Unconscious Bias and Micro Behaviours

  • Recognising and dealing with bias, including our own
  • Recognising different diversity issues and dealing with them effectively
  • Understanding the impact of legislation and our responsibilities
  • Being able to recognize and deal with inappropriate behavior
  • Understand the micro behaviours that impact negatively
  • Ensuring that we act professionally at all times to become role models for our organisation
  • Actively promoting inclusion

We will be including a bias test for individuals to take away and do. Delegates may also gain access to a short e-learning session to complete prior to the course.


Your Trainer: Sally Baker BA(hons) Business and Law, Chartered Fellow of Chartered Institute Personnel Managers & Developers (CIPD)

Sally Baker is a proven Inclusion, Equality & Diversity specialist as well as HR generalist with over 18 years experience and has been recognised for that work in 2005 by being made a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personal Managers & Developers.

Sally has been a consultant since 1999, with many different organisations in different market sectors. She worked extensively with the construction industry with organisations such as Canary Wharf group , BILilfinger GVA for the last five years, as well as the train industry rolling out national programmes on inclusion and diversity. She also works with several global organisations as a consultant and  trainer.

She has worked in the last few years with various regulatory organisations such as the General Dental Council, the Pharmaceutical Council, and the British Dental Association. She has worked with some of the largest global pharmaceutical companies. She worked for 6 years as a consultant for the Audit Commission. Sally works regularly with Boards in NHS Trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups and has worked extensively with the National Institute of clinical excellence (NICE) developing diversity friendly health outcomes.

Regarded as an expert on the Equality Act 2010, she is working with Barristers Chambers and law firms across the UK  to deliver training on the Bar Standards policy and Solicitors Regulatory Authority.

She is used to dealing with and communicating with people on all levels, making fast relationships and building trust quickly  while running her workshops or consulting. Sally also mentors CEO's and senior leaders enabling them to develop their own leadership skills and effective strategies. Sally has held senior director roles in the private sector including being the first diversity manager with Kingfisher group and has worked as a successful consultant in both the private, public and charity sectors.

She was recognised by Business in the Community award with BskyB for her work on the programme ‘managing disability in the workplace'.

Certification and Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

This event has been approved by the Royal Society of Biology for purposes of CPD and can be counted as 9 CPD points.

A certificate of attendance will be provided to those who complete this course.

We evaluate all of our training events, to make sure that we maintain a high quality of training.


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Non-members who have completed a membership application and made payment can also benefit from the discounted member rate.

Group-booking discounts of up to 10% are now available, for Members and Member Organisations who would like to send four or more of their staff on this course. If you would like to make a group booking please contact our //">training officer.


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