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Online (zoom)
Australasia branch

A virtual talk by RSB Australasia Vice-Chair and ANU Honorary Professor Iain Gordon

This online talk will be held from 15:00-15:55 AEST (05:00-05:55 GMT)

Talk outline

Professor Gordon will be talking about rewilding and domestic livestock as a management tool.

Human influence extends across the globe, from the tallest mountains to the deep bottom of the oceans. There is a growing call for nature to be protected from the negative impacts of human activity (particularly intensive agriculture); so-called “land sparing”. A relatively new approach is “rewilding”, defined as the restoration of self-sustaining and complex ecosystems, with interlinked ecological processes that promote and support one another while minimising or gradually reducing human intervention. 

The purpose of rewilding is to return ecosystems to a “natural” state with trophic complexity, dispersal and stochastic disturbance in place. In some cases, it may not be possible to restore the native species that form part of the trophic structure if they are extinct. Therefore, the restoration of natural trophic complexity and disturbance regimes within rewilding projects requires careful consideration to meet conservation needs. In some circumstances, managers will require a more flexible deliberate approach to intervening in rewilding projects using the range of tools in their toolbox. Please join us if you would like to hear more about it.  


15:00 AEST: Welcome
15:05 AEST: Talk
15:35 AEST: Questions
15:50 AEST: Thank you

Cost and booking

This event is free to attend and open to all. Advance registration is essential through the link at the top of the page. The meeting joining link will be circulated with registered attendees ahead of the event.


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