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Tahir Mosque, 299 Verdant Lane, London SE6 1TP

Interactive sessions with hands-on activities: DNA and Protein Origami and using a Light Microscope

What are the blueprints that tell a plant how to grow or a fetus how to develop? Where can we find the living computer program of life? In these series of talks and hands-on workshops, you will be introduced to the molecule of life: DNA.

This interactive and hands on event is aimed at students aged 11-15. The first session looks into how DNA codes for proteins. We will explore the structure of DNA and the importance of 3D protein conformation to provide functionality. The second session involves looking at human cheek cells under a microscope. We will also explore the histological differences between different animal and plant tissues.

This event is repeated in the morning from 10:00-13:00, and more details can be seen on the event page.

You can also download the event poster to promote further afield.


14:00 Introduction and Welcome
14:15 Workshop One: From blueprint to the molecules of life: DNA and Protein Origami
         By Ali Khalid
15:45 Workshop Two: Too small to be not ignored: Life under the microscope
         By Azhaar Ashraf
17:00 End of Session


This event is free to attend, with advance booking for the session on eventbrite.


If you have any event queries, contact the event organiser Ali Khalid at

This event is funded by the RSB Outreach and Engagement grant scheme.

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