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11.05.22 - 12.05.22
Coin Street Conference Centre, 108 Stamford St, London SE1 9NH

A symposium from the British Ecological Society and the Royal Meteorological Society


Ecologists and climate scientists will come together to form new collaborations to better inform the future of our planet, at this symposium.

The conference 

This symposium, jointly organised by the British Ecological Society and the Royal Meteorological Society, will identify the needs and opportunities for greater interaction between these two fields.  

Keynote addresses, talks and posters will cover progress in ecological forecasting to date and explore ways in which climate science could ignite novel research.  

The international and interdisciplinary conference will be highly interactive with plenty of opportunity for networking, discussion and idea generation. Talks and poster presentations will be combined with guided break-out sessions and discussion panels. 

Keynote speakers 

Michael Dietze - Boston University/Ecological Forecasting Initiative
Greta Bocedi - University of Aberdeen
Mark C Urban - University of Connecticut/Center of Biological Risk
Rebecca Harris - University of Tasmania & Climate Futures Programme
Niklaus Zimmermann - ETH Zürich 
Emma Visman - UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology 

Contact and booking 

To subscribe for updates about the event, visit the British Ecological Society event page. If you have any further questions, please contact Amy Everard at