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This workshop brings together universities and professional bodies to share experience and best practice in decolonising STEM curricula

There is a growing global call to ‘decolonise' HE curricula, including within the STEM subjects. The aim of the decolonisation agenda is to tackle racial injustices by acknowledging that the way we teach and practice our science is white and takes a Eurocentric viewpoint and instead, adopt practices that promote a wider view of the world.

Universities and professional bodies/learned societies have missions that speak to engaging in activities that benefit all life and cultures and therefore have a critical role to play in effecting educational change in this space. Whilst practical efforts are being made within the STEM areas, these are currently localised, in the main, within individual organisations.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and professional bodies/learned societies from the STEM disciplines (spanning biological sciences, chemistry, physics, engineering, psychology, ecology and geoscience) and to explore how we work in partnership to drive forward decolonisation of curricula in a more unified and impactful way.

The workshop will open with an introduction to the topic, followed by case studies from several universities and professional and learned bodies outlining work in this space. Attendees will then engage in a roundtable discussion on how universities and STEM professional bodies may work together to support educational change.

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