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BPS, LASA and Psychiatry Consortium joint workshop

A free interactive online workshop to further explore the key issues and opportunities raised in the joint BPS-LASA symposium on 24th February 2021. The workshop will be of particular interest to anyone interested in preclinical psychiatry drug discovery, whether from a clinical, preclinical, translational, welfare, academic, industrial, or regulatory perspective. We particularly encourage registration from those who are in the early stages of their career.

Workshop background

Though there is an abundance of preclinical models of psychiatric ‘diseases', their perception and use as models of a complete disorder, rather than a model of a behavioural phenotype, is contributing to poor translation and is undermining confidence in behavioural neuroscience as a means to the development of new therapeutics for psychiatric disorders.
The British Pharmacological Society and Laboratory Animal Science Association recognise the challenges faced by the psychiatric research community and have come together to deliver a joint symposium to highlight the role of preclinical models in translational psychopharmacology.
The Psychiatry Consortium aims to facilitate the discovery and validation of new drug targets from academia, and to bring together the psychiatric research community to overcome key challenges facing psychiatric drug discovery. In this capacity, they propose a combined effort to build upon the issues raised in the BPS-LASA symposium (24th February 2021), and further explore the use of preclinical models in psychiatric drug discovery in an interactive workshop, utilising the experience of all those involved along the translational pathway.

Workshop purpose

1. To bring together experts in preclinical models of psychiatric disorders, drug discovery and development experts, animal technicians and regulatory authorities.
2. To provide a forum to further explore and discuss the topics raised during the preceding symposium on the use of pre-clinical models in psychiatric drug discovery.
3. To workshop the key factors researchers must consider when using preclinical models to aid drug discovery & development in psychiatry.

Desired outputs

1. Increased collaboration and ‘joined up thinking' across sectors.
2. Creation of a working group to formalise the outputs of the workshop discussions into a report and/or guidelines to support and advise those in the psychiatry research community who utilise preclinical models.


For more information and to register for the workshop please visit the Workshop Registration Page.