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03.10.22 - 04.10.22
Halifax Hall, Sheffield, UK

The BSI Immunosenescence Affinity Group invites you to attend its two-day meeting 'Immune surveillance in the ageing microenvironment'

There is a growing appreciation that there is a complex relationship between the aged local and systemic microenvironment and that they play a fundamental role not only in tissue maintenance but also contribute towards the initiation and progression of numerous diseases.

However, an overlooked area is the contribution of the microenvironment in the establishment of a “senescent state” in different cell types, including immune cells, and its influence on immune surveillance.

Moreover, a frequent complication in the field is how the definition of immunosenescence compares and potentially contrasts to the increasingly well-described states of cellular senescence in other cell types.

This meeting will bring together experts in the different ageing fields, using different model systems, to shed light on this key issue with particular emphasis on the crucial role played by the microenvironment in immune surveillance in different tissues, across the life course and in health and disease.

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