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06.09.21 - 08.09.21

A Biochemical Society & British Society for Research on Ageing conference

Estimates suggest that globally there will be over 2.1 billion people aged over 60 by 2050. Increased age is the major risk factor for multiple diseases including cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and neurodegeneration. New strategies to help ensure improved health in older people are therefore urgently needed.

Research has shown that common underlying biological processes, such as nutrient signalling and cellular metabolism, influence the ageing process to drive multiple age-related pathologies; these biological mechanisms of ageing have therefore emerged as viable therapeutic targets for manipulating ageing itself to treat age-related diseases.

This conference is jointly organised with the British Society for Research on Ageing (BSRA) and will bring together those working on cellular metabolism with those developing interventions to improve healthy ageing, providing an interdisciplinary forum for discussion on how to translate fundamental scientific findings to clinical strategies that target ageing and its associated diseases.


Further information and bookings can be found on the Biochemical Society event page.

Continuing Professional Development

This event has been approved by the Royal Society of Biology for purposes of CPD and can be counted as 36 CPD points.