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The Royal Society, 6-9 Carlton House Te rrace, London SW1Y 5AG

The 2019 Galton Institute Conference

Our understanding of human ancestry has greatly advanced in recent years. Extraordinary developments in genome analysis have permitted whole hominin genomes to be reconstructed from small fragments of the past, paralleled by advances in the methods of population genetics to infer ancestry and migration from the analysis and comparison of the genotypes of modern populations. New insights into the behaviour and capacities of earlier hominins can now be inferred from bones, stones and the evidence of the early biological and climatic environment.

An earlier Galton symposium reviewed some of these developments on the broadest geographical and theoretical canvas. This symposium has a more focused aim; to demonstrate what the latest genetic, archaeological and historical research tells us specifically about the peopling of Britain and Ireland from the earliest times into the early historical period, about which plenty of exciting controversies have arisen and unresolved questions remain.  Their position as relatively recent islands off the ultimate edge of the continent puts them into a special position in respect of the great movements of peoples in the past - terminus for some, beyond the reach of others - and we have some special questions of our own.

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To find out more and book please visit The Galton Institute website. The event is free with advanced tickets required.


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