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03.06.19 - 06.06.22
Online course

Discover the World's First 3D Interactive Course Syllabus


This course provides a biological perspective of carcinogenesis based on the hallmarks of cancer as well as the mechanism of action of treatments, described visually over the course of 127 (3D) animation videos.

Subjects covered

01. Molecular Genetics of Cancer
02. Cell Cycle and Senescence
03. Cell Proliferation and Cancer
04. Programmed Cell Death
05. Immune System and Cancer
06. Angiogenesis
07. Local Invasion and Metastasis
08. Immunotherapy
09. Targeted Therapy: Non-hormonal and Hormonal
10. Chemotherapy

Learning outcomes

  • understand the processes involved in carcinogenesis, as well as the mechanisms of action of anticancer treatments
  • gain valuable knowledge about what fundamental research is providing on the origin and development of cancer
  • knowledge about anticancer immune response and immune escape mechanisms, as well as the molecular mechanisms of immunotherapy


For more information and to register please visit the 3D TECH website

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

This event is approved by the Royal Society of Biology for purposes of CPD and may be counted as 72 CPD credits.