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12.09.22 - 15.09.22
Victoria Gallery & Museum, Liverpool

Small G proteins of the Ras superfamily regulate a plethora of cell signalling pathways and impact on most biological processes

Deregulation of these proteins and their pathways often results in disease, such as cancer and genetic disorders, and plays a role in infection by pathogenic organisms. The founding member of this superfamily of proteins, Ras, drives ~20% of human cancers and its inhibition is a goal of global importance.

This meeting will discuss research covering all five families of small G proteins, to generate new ideas, collaborations and scientific strategies from diverse inputs. This will include the Ras family, involved in cell growth, the Rho family, which drive cytoskeletal rearrangements, the Arf and Rab families, which play a role in vesicle trafficking and Ran, which is responsible for nuclear transport.

The conference will gather renowned experts to highlight recent advances in understanding the molecular mechanisms of small G protein function. The programme is designed to bring together leaders in the field and younger scientists, providing a platform for early stage investigators to present their latest research while accommodating ample opportunities for networking.

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Visit the Biochemical Society website for additional information.