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17.08.22 - 18.08.22
University of Nottingham, Royal Derby Hospital Site
This workshop aims to introduce the theory and application of stable isotope tracers and mass spectrometry in physiological research. When combined, these two approaches allow the measurement of the rates at which metabolic processes are occurring, providing insight into the factors and underlying mechanisms that regulate metabolism. This is an opportunity for early career researchers and postgraduate students who may have an interest in understanding or applying these techniques within their work.

Over the two days, attendees will be introduced to the theory behind these novel isotopic approaches, and to the use of and application of state-of-the-art mass spectrometric analyses. This includes hands-on opportunities for sample preparation and access to a variety of mass spectrometric instrumentation. A basic introduction will be provided to the computational handling and interpretation of the data generated by these techniques.

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Visit the Physiological Society website for additional information and to register.