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15.04.24 - 18.04.24
Buxted Park Hotel Station Road Buxted East Sussex TN22 4AY

A workshop from The Company of Biologists on the cytoskeleton

The cytoskeleton is a key structure of every living cell. In eukaryotes, microtubule and actin filaments are ubiquitous cytoskeletal elements which are adapted to perform a multitude of different functions. Neurons are particularly dependent on their cytoskeleton which plays key roles spanning from neuronal differentiation and migration, through axonal trafficking and synapse formation, to neurodegeneration and cell death.

This workshop will bring together scientists from a wide spectrum of disciplines that would not commonly have the chance to interact closely: neurobiology, as well as structural biologists and biochemists from the cytoskeleton field. The aim is to delineate how basic molecular and structural knowledge from the cytoskeleton field can help understanding neuronal processes, that take place on a larger scale, such as neuronal development and connectivity, neuronal transmission and also neurodegeneration. 

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