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We are delighted to reveal the winners of our Photographer of the Year and Young Photographer of the Year awards


From nanotechnology to the world’s largest sewage systems; from the arid landscapes of Australia to colourful lichen encrusting trees in a suburban garden; from zooplankton to an avalanche - we invited amateurs to use photography to explore interactions between the macro and the micro in biology – from tiny fish creating huge shoals, to algal blooms suffocating a river ecosystem, or microorganisms eating plastic waste in our oceans.

We welcomed entries captured by a microscope, from dispersing fungal spores to grains of sand. The fluorescence microscope, for example, provides an interesting window into the world of the cell and is great for examining living and fixed cells in culture.


There are two categories in the competition, each with a cash prize:

  • Photographer of the Year (18 and over) - £1,000 top prize
  • Young Photographer of the Year (under 18) - £500 top prize


Fighting Bulls Robert Sommer

The Beginning Pradyuman Samant


The Photographer of the Year went to Robert Sommer for his superb 'Fighting Bulls' (left) and the Young Photographer of the Year was awarded to Pradyuman Samant for his stunning photo entitled 'The Beginning' (right). Click on the images to find out how the photographs fit the theme: Biology from Big to Small.

View all the shortlisted images in our gallery.



Catherine Draycott, Wellcome Images
Tim Harris, Nature Picture Library and Bluegreen Pictures
Alex Hyde, natural history photographer and lecturer at The University of Nottingham
Linda Pitkin, Underwater photographer


The Society wishes to thank Eppendorf for their support of this competition.


Past winners

The 2015 theme was 'Conflict and Survival'. The winners, celebrated at the annual Biology Week award ceremony were young photographer Oliver Tidswell (left) and photographer Barbara Stanley (right). View all the shortlisted images in our gallery.


The 2014 theme was 'Home, Habitat and Shelter'. The winners were celebrated at the Biology Week Annual Award Ceremony and the Society would like to congratulate young photographer Nagarjun Ram (left) and photographer Billy Clapham (right).


The 2013 theme was 'Feeding Life' and the competition was won by young photographer Jack Settle (left) and photographer Putu Sudiarta (right).


The 2012 theme was 'How can biology save the world?' Congratulations to eight year old winner Ziamel Zacarias (left) and photographer Chi Keung Wong (right).