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Technician March 2017
Science communication awards


 Hephzi2016              Louise-Hughes2016

New Researcher                                          Established Researcher

Hephzi Tagoe MRSB, UCL                           Dr Louise Hughes MRSB, Oxford Brookes


Anita Montagna 2015               Joana Moscoso 2015

New Researcher                                         Established Researcher

Anita Montagna, King's College London        Dr Joana Alves Moscoso, Imperial College London


Kate-McAllister               Nicola Hemmings2014

New Researcher                                         Established Researcher

Kate McAllister, University of Cambridge       Dr Nicola Hemmings, University of Sheffield


Rebecca Williams 2013               Sheena Cruickshank 2013

New Researcher                                         Established Researcher

Rebecca Williams, University of Manchester Dr Sheena Cruickshank, University of Manchester

Shortlisted entries


Elizabeth Grainger               Chris Smith

New Researcher                                         Established Researcher

Elizabeth Granger, University of Manchester  Dr Chris Smith, University of Cambridge


New Researcher

Emily Robinson, University of Manchester

Established Researcher

David Spiegelhalter, University of Cambridge


New Researcher

Djuke Veldhuis, University of Cambridge

Established Researcher

Adam Hart, University of Gloucestershire


New Researcher

Ceri Harrop, University of Manchester

Established Researcher

Dr Susan Jebb, Medical Research Council Collaborative Centre for Human Nutrition Research


New Researcher

Ed Hutchinson, University of Cambridge

Established Researcher

Dr Jon Copley, University of Southampton


New Researcher

Dr Nicole Steinmetz (previously John Innes Centre, Norwich)

Established Researcher

Dr Rebecca Sowden (previously University of Strathclyde)


New Researcher

Dr Chris Smith, University of Cambridge

Established Researcher

Professor Dave Goulson, University of Southampton


New Researcher

Dr Mark Lythgoe, University College London

Established Researcher

Professor Clive Page, King's College London