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Teachers can register their students for Biology Challenge 2018 from 12th October 2017. The deadline to register for the competition is 23rd February 2018.


You need to sign in below with your email address and the password you use for your Royal Society of Biology mySociety account. If you do not have a mySociety account, you can create one for free to register your school for this competition. Forgotten passwords can be reset if needed.

After you log in, please click the green Register for this competition at the bottom of the page.

The next step will ask you to create a password. This will form part of the password you use to log into the competition website – therefore please create something that is memorable.

Later in the registration, you will need to select your school. If your school is not on our list or is on the list with inaccurate details please email Raghav Selvam with your school's exam centre number and your school's name and full address,

Finally, you will be able to pay for your school’s participation fee for the competition. You will be provided with the option to pay here online or option to download an invoice.

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