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Booking form and information for the 2017 Intermediate Biology Olympiad (iBO) for teachers and school staff


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1.   Log in to register for this competition

After clicking 'register for this competition' above, please follow on screen instructions which finish by allowing you to pay online and, or download a copy of your school's invoice/receipt for your records from the clickable link visible on the screen once you have completed the registration process.

You need to sign in with your email address and the password you were sent from your Royal Society of Biology mySociety account. If you do not yet have a mySociety account please create an account and log in. Your account is free (and will allow you to register your school for this competition, forgotten passwords can be reset if needed).

2.    Create your school's iBO competition administration account password

You will be asked to create a secure password at least 6 characters long; a prefix code will automatically be added to this and your competition password will be displayed on screen later in the booking process.

You will need the password for the iBO competition when you log in, in June 2017 to set up and enable your student accounts via the online competition system on the UK Biology Competitions website.

3.    Find your school in our database

Please search for and select your school on the searchable list, if your school is not on the list or is on the list with inaccurate details please email Raghav Selvam, with your school's exam centre number and your school's name and full address. Your school will be added to the list, you will be emailed when this is done and will be able to complete your registration online at this point.

When you access the online competition system during the competition dates please use your school’s ‘Exam Centre number’ as your User login and the password created during this registration process (repeated in the acknowledgement email sent at the end of this process).

4.    Participation fees

Each school is eligible for two free places in the competition. Stepped fees are applied for each additional student entered, up to a maximum of £150:

  • 1-2 students from a school = free.
  • Students number 3-12 from a school = £10 each (max cost for 12 students = £100)
  • Students number 13- 22 from a school = £5 per additional student (max cost for 22 students = £150)
  • Unlimited additional students from a school after the first 22 = £150 total entry fee (e.g. 22 students = £150; 30 students = £150; 50 students = £150).

5.    Complete your online registration

Once you have selected your school, you will be taken through the rest of the registration process step by step. Please complete the details requested to enter your school/students, including their names and year group (e.g. please type Group A for Y12 students in England and Wales, Y13 in Northern Ireland and S5 in Scotland).

Schools entering more than 22 students into these competitions do not need to enter all students names on the online registration system; they may instead add 22 sets of students initials. In addition, they need to email us the total number of accounts required if greater than 22 to allow us to invoice correctly.

  • For your convenience you may pay by credit card online and can print out the invoice generated as part of the payment process.
  • If you pay by cheque please make it payable to 'Society of Biology' and post it with a copy of your invoice to:
    Raghav Selvam, Competitions and Outreach Assistant, Royal Society of Biology, Charles Darwin House, 12 Roger Street, London WC1N 2JU