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These guidelines indicate the criteria for our membership grades. All applications are considered on an individual basis.



Open to anyone with an interest in the life sciences.


BioNet is for school or college students (14-19) who are interested in biology.

Student Affiliate

Open to all full-time undergraduate students studying a biology-related subject.

Associate (AMRSB)

If you have been awarded a degree containing at least 50% biology in the final two years of study, you are eligible to apply for associate membership. We recognise this early stage of career development with the award of the post-nominal letters AMRSB. Those who can demonstrate equivalence through other education or training can also apply.

Member (MRSB)

If you are a graduate in a bioscience subject with at least three years’ postgraduate experience (in postgraduate study or in work), you are eligible to apply for full Membership. Those who can demonstrate equivalence through other education or training can also apply.

Any applicant who fulfils the requirements for the AMRSB grade of membership and has completed 2 years of Continuing Professional Development (CPD), resulting in their being awarded at least 50 credits per year through the Royal Society of Biology CPD scheme are also eligible.

Note: Any years spent undertaking full-time postgraduate study (within the biosciences, including teaching qualifications) can be included as experience towards gaining the member (MRSB) grade. For example 1 year of full time study is equivalent to 1 year of experience, and 2 years of part-time study is the equivalent to 1 year of experience.

Fellowship (FRSB)

To apply for Fellowship, you will have made a prominent contribution to the advancement of the biological sciences, and gained no less than five years’ experience in a position of senior responsibility. This could be in the practice and application of biological science; teaching biology and curriculum development; managing a team of professionally qualified biological scientists; or concerned with the senior management, direction or commercial activities of organisations in which the application, study, research or advancement of biological science is of major importance.

Life Membership

Retired members can take up Life membership. Life members are able to take advantage of the benefits of being a member without the requirement to pay future annual subscriptions. As a life member, you will be making a life long contribution to the advancement of the biological sciences for the benefit of all. Please contact us if you would like to become a life member.

Life Fellowship (FRSB)
65+: £870

Life Membership (MRSB)
65+ £620

Current members of the Society can take advantage of a 10% discount on our life membership fees if they have been a member for 10 or more years, and a 20% discount on our life membership fees if they have been a member for 20 or more years.

Current members wishing to transfer to a higher grade

Providing your subscription is up to date, current members only need to pay a £15 administration fee to apply to transfer their membership to a higher grade. Your new subscription rate will become due on the renewal date following your election. The £15 transfer fee is waived for students wishing to transfer to the associate (AMRSB) grade.

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