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School Policy

We believe the key to maximising the impact of our efforts to support and enhance biological education, from school to university, lies in a greater collaboration with students, teachers, and other science bodies concerned with education.

We work closely with the Association for Science Education (ASE), the Institute of Physics (IoP), the Royal Society (RS) and the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) to provide a coherent voice for the science education community on the long term issues in science education.

Previously this partnership of organisations was known as the Science Community Representing Education (SCORE) and we submitted responses together under this name. Going forward the organisations will collectively submit responses but in order to manage and publicise our work more effectively we will use the names of our organisations, rather than "SCORE", to better reflect the nature of the collaboration.

Responses to consultations

These can be found in the Consultation Responses section of our website.

Our views

The Society produces position statements, some of which are in collaboration with the ASE, IoP, RS and RSC (previously SCORE) which outline our stance on key areas of education policy.