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Listen to Tom Ireland MRSB interview returners to biosciences

Dr Sharon Strawbridge

A senior lecturer in physics and astronomy at the University of Exeter took a career break due to developing an illness.

“Reading scientific journals or even science magazines is a great way to keep yourself up to date with science and joining organisations are very helpful. You also have to access whether returning back into science is the best move for you. Maybe you can use your scientific skills in other spheres.”

Dr Sara Burton

A senior lecturer in biosciences at the University of Exeter took an extended maternity leave.

"Talk to people before you take a break, plan some time to come back briefly in the next few month, for example, for an internal conference or lab group meeting to keep engaged with the people.”

Professor Edward Wilson MRSB

An education manager at the Royal Forestry Society took a career break after a family bereavement.

“I am inspired by this initiative as it recognises that people don’t always have conventional careers. For me, that’s a more grown up way of looking at people’s lives.”

Dr Emma Pilgrim

A Daphne Jackson research fellow at the University of Exeter took a career break to look after her children.

"Being a new parent is quite overwhelming, there is a lot to juggle in the first year. Do take things slowly but make sure you are adding to your skills and doing things you are enjoying.” 

Dr Betina Winkler

A Daphne Jackson research fellow at the University of Exeter took a career break due to family commitments.

“When you are out of science for a while you might feel isolated. Therefore it is very important to keep old contacts and try and make new ones.”

Dr Katie Perry

The chief executive of the Daphne Jackson Trust shares her experience of the fellowships and the challenges returners face.

“Employers have to be open minded, have to look at everybody on their own individual merits and really get on board with this agenda and see what people can offer.”

George Carnell

A PhD student from the University of Kent took a break from the biosciences to pursue a career in the army.

“Having one website with all the information in one place for returners is very beneficial. It would also be useful to have careers advisors from different areas available for returners to contact.” George was also featured in The Biologist, the article is available online.