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Regional Policy

We are committed to ensuring that we provide the devolved administrations and other policy-makers in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland with a distinct point of access to authoritative, independent, and evidence-based opinion, representative of the widest range of bioscience disciplines. 

Scotland Policy

Responses to Scotland specific consultations


Smith Commission investigating further devolution of powers to the Scottish Parliament
A response submitted to the Smith Commission, established to investigate further devolution of powers to the Scottish Parliament post-referendum, urged that the scientific funding current structure be maintained and overall funding for science increased to maintain competitiveness and research leadership for the continued success of the life science sector in Scotland.

Scotland's Educational and Cultural Future

A response to the Education and Culture Committee's inquiry, focusing on the Further and Higher Education theme particularly on issues relating to research funding and immigration policies.

Possible Implications for Science and Engineering in Scotland in the Independence Debate
A response to the Scottish Science Advisory Council.

Memorandum on Entry Requirements to Programmes of Initial Teacher Education in Scotland
A response from the Learned  Societies’ Group on Scottish Science Education to the General Teaching Council for Scotland.

The 2020 Challenge for Scotland's Biodiversity

A response to the Scottish Government.

The Future Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) 2014-2020

A response to the Scottish Government consultation on the European Commission's proposals for reform.

Putting Learners at the Centre

A response the Scottish Government pre-legislative paper on Post-16 Education.‎

Northern Ireland Policy


Science in Stormont

Science in Stormont is designed to develop closer links between the scientific community in Northern Ireland and the Northern Ireland Assembly and Executive. It is organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry in cooperation with a number of sister societies and professional bodies, including:

  • Institute of Physics
  • Royal Society of Biology
  • Campaign for Science and Engineering
  • Microbiology Society
  • The Institution of Chemical Engineers
  • Geological Society      

Last year’s scientific presentations are based on the theme of Innovation: How Science and Engineering Can Drive Economic Growth in Northern Ireland.

Responses to Northern Ireland specific consultations

Future arrangements for quality assurance in England and Northern Ireland.

A response to HEFCE on 'Future arrangements for quality assurance in England and Northern Ireland.

Wales Policy

Responses to Wales specific consultations


Society of Biology response to the White Paper: Further and Higher Education (Wales) Bill

A response from the Society of Biology to the Welsh Government to the White Paper.

Review of qualifications for 14 to 19-years-olds in Wales

A response to the Welsh Government on behalf of the Association for Science Education, the Institute of Physics, the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Society of Biology

Response to an enquiry on CAP reform from the Welsh Government

The Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) Reform: Conversation on the way forward for Wales. A response to the Welsh Government.