STEM Careers: A student's guide to opportunities in science, technology, engineering and maths

STEM careersPaul Greer
Trotman Education (Crimson Publishing Ltd), £14.99

This book has information on a wide range of STEM careers, opportunities for further study, entry to college or university, and apprenticeships. Covering such a broad subject in a small, 138-page book results in a somewhat superficial overview of STEM subjects and career options.

That small size could appeal to those hoping to dip briefly into this idea of a career in STEM, but some will be disappointed to find relatively little specific information.

Although STEM Careers is well-written and carefully structured, information is limited and further diluted by anecdotes and historical vignettes.

A significant omission, perhaps inevitable given space constraints, is a lack of attention to the very considerable overlap between individual STEM career specialties. As Greer notes, the diversity in STEM is great, but when considering interactions and overlap between the STEM disciplines, and with non-STEM subjects, there exists an almost infinite range of opportunities.

Many of these interactions are highlighted in the 'Amazingly Enormous Stem Careers Poster'. That poster, which should be on the wall of every school, will be complemented by Greer's book to help those who are making their first steps in exploring the world of STEM.

Many other and often more detailed information sources on STEM careers are available. I think that for schoolchildren, who are the primary target for this book, the same information presented as an easy-to-navigate website would be more appealing.
STEM Careers will help careers advisers and teachers devise careers-related lessons or study days, and plan lessons for essential skills training such as preparation of a CV, applications and interview skills, and clearing. However, despite the best of intentions, it is difficult to imagine a pupil buying this book or reading it in a school library.

Ian Blenkharn FRSB