Higher Education teaching project launched

A project to improve the status and valuation of higher education (HE) teaching has been launched by the Society, in collaboration with other science and education organisations.

In March representatives from across the HE sector met to discuss the project, which aims to improve the perception of higher education teaching and stress its importance in academia.

The Academy of Medical Sciences (AMS), The Physiological Society, and the Society of Biology's special interest group, the Heads of University Biosciences, have been working on the project collaboratively.

In 2010, the AMS published the report 'Redressing the Balance: The Status and Valuation of Teaching in Academic Careers', which assessed the balance of teaching and research in university departments. In 2013, the partner organisations formed a joint steering group to follow up the report's recommendations, and a recent survey indicated that there was still much to do to raise the status and valuation of teaching.