Our Survey Says...

Our Survey Says...

Thank you to all the members who completed The Biologist readership survey at the end of last year. 

It’s great to see that again, the response to our survey has been overwhelmingly positive. Results show the magazine is still a crucial way for us to communicate with our members, with almost 90% of members saying that they read the magazine regularly, and the number of people who read every issue rising slightly to 81% from 80% in 2012.

Over 93% of readers think our articles are good or excellent; over 91% think it is well written and easy to read; and 87% think the design is good or excellent. Readers have also responded positively to our move up to six issues a year – 85% said the frequency is now about right.

When asked what they liked least about the magazine, the top answer was ‘no dislikes’. Second after that were requests for more articles on specific topics or fields. We’ll be looking closely at all your suggestions for how we can improve and what to cover.

As always, if you have any suggestions or comments about the magazine, or wish to respond to individual articles, please email managing editor Tom Ireland