Society sets new record

Guinness World Record

Officials at Guinness have confirmed the Society set a new record for the world's largest memory game during Biology Week last year.

At 14:30 on the 19th October 2012, 2,109 people at 40 venues in the UK (plus one in Bahrain) simultaneously played a 10 minute memory game. Venues included schools, science centres and universities. Participants learnt about basic neuroscience as part of the game.

Dr Mark Downs, chief executive of the Society of Biology, said: "This was the climax of Biology Week, and the tension was certainly high while we played the game here at Charles Darwin House. We are delighted to have set the World Record, and were extremely pleased with the number of people who took part."

The memory game was prepared by Professor Bruce Hood, the experimental psychologist recently interviewed in The Biologist, and explored the phenomenon of false memories. 


This year’s Biology Week will run from 12th-18th October 2013.