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24.07.22 - 27.07.22
Imperial College London, South Kensington

The British Association for Psychopharmacology are delighted to have Professor Val Curran deliver a guest lecture “Cannabis: pleasures, pains and politics” to accompany a great programme of symposia and training opportunities

The BAP Summer Meeting provides a fantastic environment to all those interested in psychopharmacology, BAP members and non-members, non-clinical and clinical scientists. The latest advances can be discussed in symposia, while socialising and at the poster sessions. We will have a number of carefully selected symposia.

2022 Symposia

Symposium 1 - Understanding schizophrenia by integrating gene expression and neuroimaging data
Symposium 2 - Psychedelic medicine - molecular mechanisms and preclinical evaluation
Symposium 3 - Opioid receptors: part of the solution, not just part of the problem?

Symposium 4 - Novel immunological mechanisms and treatment options for schizophrenia
Symposium 5 - Understanding the psychobiology of the patient: Bringing precision to psychiatry
Symposium 6 - Are we what we eat? Interactions between gut and brain

Symposium 7 - Maternal inflammation and risk for brain disorders: From progenitors to circuits
Symposium 8 - Anterior Cingulate Cortex - nexus between pain and mental health
Symposium 9 - Cardiac risk associated with schizophrenia and its treatment

Further details

Visit the BAP website for additional information.