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03.10.20 - 04.10.20
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03.10.20 11:30

A series of online events to celebrate UK Fungus Day from the British Mycological Society

Life on earth depends on fungi. Join the British Mycological Society for a weekend of online events and activities to find out why, how and what fungi do to improve our lives and our environment.

Fungi are amongst the world's most important organisms. They are expert recyclers, plants depend on them, they save lives through the production of such drugs as penicillin, and are important in the manufacture of many different foods. Events taking place over the weekend will include:

  • Online talks and Global Experts with Q&A: Starting at 11:30 each day there will be presentations prepared especially for an online audience covering favourite topics related to fungi. Subjects range from mycorrhizal fungi (the ones that help plants grow) to stories about mushrooms suitable for the whole family.
  • Five Minutes of Fungi: Listen to five-minute shorts from mycologists from all walks of life with different specialisms, passions and expertise who want to encourage you to join in the fungal fun.  These snapshot profiles will start appearing on the UK Fungus Day pages from 1st September, so start watching and if you have any questions for the authors of the snapshots or our panel send them in!
  • Virtual Forays: Take a walk in the park with Geoffrey Kibby in London and Ali Mckernan in Manchester. Learn about some of the wild fungi that appear in early autumn and see if you can find them in your local park or garden. 
  • Movie Night: Saturday night will see an online screening of The Creeping Garden, a 2014 documentary on Slime Moulds directed by Tim Grabham and Jasper Sharp.
  • Fantasy Fungus: A competition for all ages. Create your own fungus and tell the BMS all about it. Further information is available on the UKFD website. Competition closes 11th October 2020.

Further information

Details on how to take part can be found on the UK Fungus Day website and facebook page.

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