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A HUBS and HUCBMS online joint workshop

Workshop outline

The transition to a blended model of education has challenged many of the existing pedagogic paradigms prevalent in Higher Education bioscience courses. It has also highlighted the need for flexible multi-modal assessments that simultaneously allow students to demonstrate learning outcomes whilst being robust, secure, and able to discern ability in a digital world. Typical of the immediate responses to remote working were staff-led adaptions to assessments intended to adequately differentiate ability through a variety of pedagogic (e.g. PBL questions) and remote proctoring.
This workshop proposes to ‘flip' the narrative ‘and focus on the potential of students and staff working together to co-create authentic and applied bioscience assessments. Developing assessments in partnership with students helps strengthen assessment ‘for' learning and has been shown to increase student engagement, demonstrate knowledge in ways that showcases individual student strengths, and supports diverse learning preferences. It also has been shown to provide new perspectives for staff on what students feel the important aspects of an assessment are and deeper understanding of what ‘mastery' looks like.
This workshop will outline and exemplify a model for co-creating assessment with student partners. It will fully explore the underlying pedagogic and philosophical approaches in the model as well as providing attendees with clear guidelines and advice on how to adopt this co-creation approach within their own context. The workshop will also hear from a group of students who have experienced the model, who will share their own co-created assessment outputs.

The workshop will conclude with a key reminder about the importance of ensuring that both the process and outcomes of partnership working are equitable and inclusive.
Attendees are welcome to share their own student as partners' assessment experiences in a series of short ‘lightning talks' - interest in these can be expressed on the registration form.

Who is this event for?

Students and staff in higher education from any discipline are welcome to attend this free event.


Advance registration is essential through the Eventbrite page.