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19.02.23 - 22.02.23
Wiston House, Steyning Rd, Steyning BN44 3DZ

A workshop on collective cell migration from The Company of Biologists

Collective cell migration has paramount importance for embryogenesis, tissue repair and cancer progression. This phenomenon spans from the microscopic, molecular scale of cell signalling and cell-cell interactions, to the macroscopic, tissue-level scale of multicellular dynamics, and is amenable to both experimental and theoretical investigations. Collective cell migration is distinctly different from single cell migration in terms of its biological complexity and theoretical treatment.

Our interdisciplinary program focuses on four key topics of collective cell migration, ranging from the molecular to the organismal level:
  1. Cellular mechanisms of collective movement and metastasis
  2. Mechanobiology of morphogenesis
  3. Biophysical and mathematical modelling of collective movement and morphogenesis
  4. In vivo imaging of migration and metastasis
This allows us to bring together a diverse and dynamic range of speakers, spanning the cell biology, developmental biology, physics, mathematics, and in vivo imaging fields. We believe that this multidisciplinary approach will not only facilitate interactions between alternate approaches and viewpoints but will engender an atmosphere of thinking outside one's discipline. This Workshop aims to bring together these complementary fields to reach a common consensus on the challenges in our understanding of how cells collectively move, and how this collective migration contributes to metastasis.

Further information on organisers, speakers, the venue and how to apply can be found on The Company of Biologists event page.

Further information

Further details on this meeting can be found on The Company of Biologists event page.