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17.06.19 - 19.06.19
South Halls Complex, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland EH16 5AR

A Biochemical Society Scientific Meeting


Deubiquitylases (DUBs) are proteases that reverse ubiquitin modifications and thereby regulate protein turnover as well as the assembly of protein interaction networks, for example in signal transduction cascades. Protein ubiquitylation is used as a signal in most cellular pathways, from intracellular trafficking to transcription and DNA repair. This feat is made possible by the vast complexity of different types of ubiquitin modifications: ubiquitin can be added in monomeric form (mono-ubiquitylation) or alternatively multiple ubiquitins can be linked together to form 8 distinct poly-ubiquitin chains. Further complexity is added by the formation of mixed (or hybrid) chains and more recently identified post-translational modifications of ubiquitin itself. DUBs perform the daunting task of selectively recognising and countering specific ubiquitylation events at different sub-cellular localisations.


It is the key aim of this meeting to bring together leading international and UK academic scientists in the area of DUB research with:

  1. the wider scientific community of researchers in the UK whose work may touch upon Ubiquitin homeostasis and DUBs, in particular students, post-docs and new investigators just entering this area and
  2. biotech and pharma industry as well as industrial stakeholders.

The meeting will provide a forum to learn new methodologies, approaches and concepts that inform state of the art work in this area. We will promote new collaborations between academic scientists as well as between academics and the industrial sector in order to maximise both the dissemination and exploitation of the excellent research that is on-going in the UK.

We propose 4 sessions entitled:
  1. Structure and mechanism of deubiquitylases,
  2. Cell Biology of deubiquitylases,
  3. Deubiquitylases in health and disease,4. Therapeutic targeting of deubiquitylases.
Abstract deadline: 17 April 2019
Earlybird registration deadline: 17 April 2019

Further Details

For further information and to book, please visit the Biochemical Society website.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

This event is approved by the Royal Society of Biology for purposes of CPD and may be counted as 63 CPD credits.

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