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04.11.19 - 05.11.19
CIWEM Venue, 106 -109 Saffron Hill, Farringdon, London EC1N 8QS

A Biochemical Society Event


This training event will explore strategies to engineer proteins for structural and functional studies. Discussions will focus on construct optimization, novel thermostability assays, crystallization tools and ‘tricks of the trade' to enable structure determination. This event is ideal for graduate students in the biomedical sciences, anyone embarking on a structural biology project and those interested in generating soluble and functional expression of proteins using recombinant techniques.
Topics covered will include: 
  • cryo-EM preparation for membrane proteins
  • optimization of proteins for NMR studies
  • engineering of protein-DNA samples for structure determination
  • novel and established methods for evaluating purity and homogeneity of macromolecules
Participants will gain a better understanding of the purity and characteristics of proteins samples needed for crystallization, cryo-EM and NMR studies, and of the current strategies to optimize solubility, purity, and homogeneity of proteins for structural and functional studies, including bioinformatics tools and post-production modifications.

Programme coordinators:
  • Dr Amir Khan, Trinity College Dublin
  • Dr Rivka Isaacson, King's College London


For further details and to register pleases visit the Biochemical Society website

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

This event is approved by the Royal Society of Biology for purposes of CPD and may be counted as 27 CPD credits.

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