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Kent, Surrey, Sussex branch

A virtual talk from the Manhood Wildlife and Heritage Group

The Manhood Wildlife and Heritage Group (MWHG) has been a registered charity since 2011 and has worked to promote and protect the environment and history of the Manhood Peninsula in West Sussex, since its creation in 1997.

Jane Reeve, project leader at MWHG, will deliver a talk on the use of water voles and beavers in flood management. Water voles are the fastest declining mammal in England and despite research and large scale reintroduction projects, their population is still in free fall. Jane will explain the importance of water voles and why we should care about their decline. She will also explain why beaver reintroductions in the UK are a positive move for biodiversity and water management.

Jane's work over the last few years has created habitats for the water vole. However, much of the work enabled clearing of neglected ditches and this had a major positive impact on flood defence which benefited the whole community. She has worked on 50 sites with water voles colonising 25% of them within 18 months.

A major event was her involvement in the Medmerry Coastal Realignment, the largest open coast scheme in Europe and one of the most sustainable projects ever delivered by the Environment Agency. This scheme provided very effective protection against flooding and Jane's role was to provide new habitats for the voles and other species due to that lost by the scheme. Her work also involves recruitment of volunteers, developing education and examining the role of the European Beaver in flood defence.

Jane has extensive experience in wildlife conservation. She has worked in Java on an endangered primates surveying expedition, in India in tiger conservation, in Grenada on a Leatherback Turtle project, and in Ireland on a starfish project but the most rewarding work has been on water vole conservation projects on the Manhood Peninsula marrying her love of water and mammals. She has been involved in surveying, habitat improvement and creation for water voles as well as trapping and tracking as part of a research study. Her most recent work on the National Lottery Heritage funded Fixing and Linking Our Wetlands (FLOW) project - a 5-year landscape scale wetland recovery project with flood risk reduction aims running through it. Her work on habitat creation has the double sell of providing a significant biodiversity increase while also mimicking the actions of beavers as landscape architects and providing natural flood management.

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This event is free to attend and open to all. Advance registration is essential through the link at the top of the page.


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