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Heinz Wolff building, Brunel University, Kingston Ln, London, Uxbridge

* * This course contributes to the Royal Society of Biology's Technical Skills Certificate

* * A discount is available to those who book both this couse and our Practical Skills - ELISA course. This discount is £320 for both courses for members and £640 for both courses for non-members

Bookings close on the 26th August at 5pm.
Please note, you will need to arrive at the lab in the Heinz Wolff building at 09:45, for a 10:00 start.


The correct use of the light microscope is one of the basic and essential techniques employed in the bioscience laboratory. A good understanding of the theoretical basis and practical applications of a basic light microscope forms a solid grounding on which to build working knowledge of more advanced microscopy techniques.
Microbiology is the study of microorganisms and analysis of bacteria is a major component of this scientific area, including in clinical laboratories. This practical will introduce the concept of aseptic techniques in a task to purify a bacterial sample using the “streaking plate” method. Further investigations will include utilising the Gram staining procedure, the Miles and Misra drop dilution method, determination of colony forming units and analysis using the light microscope. The associated calculation methods involved in these techniques will also be taught.


The broad aims of the course are to:
•    Microscopy:
o    Introduce the binocular light microscope and prepare it for use to view a prepared sample slide.
o    Introduce the principles of simple light microscopy and associated calculations.
o    Introduce oil immersion light microscopy.
•    Microbiology:
o    Introduce aseptic techniques in the microbiology laboratory.
o    Introduce basic bacterial purification and analysis, using staining methods and light microscopy.

Who is the Course For?

Biological and medical scientists who wish to learn basic light microscopy and microbiology techniques. No prior knowledge of these techniques will be required, and the purpose of the course is to offer a practical point of access to these techniques in a practical user-friendly form.

Learning Outcomes

Knowledge and understanding:
•    Microscopy:
o    Prepare a binocular microscope for use.
o    Make necessary adjustments to view a (prepared) sample slide.
•    Microbiology:
o    Apply aseptic techniques in the microbiology laboratory.
o    Use the “streaking plate” method to purify a sample of bacteria.
o    Utilise light microscopy in the analysis of bacterial colonies.
o    Use the Gram staining method to identify bacterial colonies.
o    Cell enumeration: determination of colony forming units using serial dilutions, the spread plate method and the Miles & Misra drop dilution method.
o    Perform all calculations associated with these techniques.

Course Tutor

This information will be provided at a later date.

Certification and Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

A certificate of attendance will be provided after the event.
We evaluate all of our training events, to make sure that we maintain a high quality of training. This event has been approved by the Royal Society of Biology for purposes of CPD and can be counted as 12 CPD points.

Professional Registers

This course supports registers competencies and has been identified as supporting competency development for: Registered Science Technician (RSciTech).


Members - £200  + VAT
Members of Member Organisations, SCAS members - £300 + VAT
Non-members - £400 + VAT
Non-members who have completed a membership application and made payment can also benefit from the discounted member rate.

If your organisation wishes to book staff in bulk for this course, please get in touch.


For further information about the course please contact Francesca Chantry, training and registers officer at or on 020 3925 3457.


Unfortunately, the Royal Society of Biology is unable to offer refunds on training courses that have been attended. We do, of course, welcome and encourage any feedback from a course and will continue to improve the service we offer.

Terms and Conditions

By booking to attend this event, you are confirming you have agreed to the RSB's Terms and Conditions which can be found here.