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25.08.20 - 27.08.20
University of St Andrews, College Gate, St Andrews KY16 9AJ

*This event has now been postponed until 2021*

The 5th Network of Researchers on the Chemical Evolution of Life meeting entitled: How did it all begin...?

To drill down to the core of the question of the emergence and evolution of life requires a truly interdisciplinary approach. In addition to physics and chemistry we also need to deploy an array of other sciences.

The conference

Once we have established some sort of clear and deeper understanding of how life emerged on Earth, we can focus our efforts on improving the possibility of detecting life elsewhere in the Universe.

Currently, both space and terrestrial-based telescopes, as well as nanotechnologies, for the exploration of the Cosmos are being developed and hopefully we should soon be able detect any biosignatures of life beyond our Solar System and even to the furthest reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy.

The 5th NoR- CEL conference will provide the opportunity to collectively pool knowledge via its diverse array of input, debate and interaction. The aim being to offer both specialist and non-specialists a relaxed and unhurried environment, with the object of nurturing and energising them to seek answers to the ultimate questions of life, the Universe and everything.

Download the event poster to promote it further afield.

Who is this event for?

Scientists of all disciplines and persuasions are welcome to attend this event.

Cost and booking

Conference registration fees are £100, and attendees can register via the event webpage.


For further details please visit the event webpage or contact Martin Dominik at or Sohan Jheeta at

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