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03.07.22 - 04.07.22
Le Corum Conference Centre , Montpellier, France

Post-translational Modifications (PTMs) act at the core of every biological system. PTM events generate proteoforms that orchestrate cell signalling in almost every biological process

SUMO (Small Ubiquitin-like Modifier) modification has recently emerged as a critical class of post translational modification (PTM), playing a major role in diverse cellular pathways in all eukaryotes. A key function of SUMO is to act as a vital counterpoise to Ubiquitination, adding a layer of control above ubiquitination including competition for targets and prevention of ubiquitin-dependent protein degradation. Phosphorylation is also regulated by SUMOylation of kinases and phosphatases. Crucially, unlike ubiquitination and phosphorylation which are controlled by thousands of genes, only 33-50 genes regulate the SUMO modification pathway in eukaryotes making SUMO an ideal experimental system to decipher the language and rules of PTMs.

Discovering how SUMO transduces environmental signals into specific physiological responses will be key to understanding this new set of fundamental ‘rules of life' that regulate processes ranging from development to disease resistance in an ever-changing environment. This 2- day satellite meeting will highlight the established cellular role of SUMO in a range of eukaryotes in development to disease along with identifying knowledge gaps and horizon scanning. Particular emphasis will be paid to emerging technologies such as single cell techniques that will be crucial to decipher the SUMO code across eukaryotes. The meeting will consist of a series of talks from established to early career researchers who are using a variety of techniques to understand SUMO mediated cellular signalling in a range of systems (including yeast, plants and animals). Each session will end in a panel discussion with the audience hosted by the chair of the session.

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