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07.11.22 - 08.11.22
Newcastle University

Bridging the clinical-researchSynthetic biology and engineering biology are radically altering the way we do science and how new technologies and products will shape and change the societies we live in

The UK synthetic biology community has been shaping the field since its early inception, growing from strength to strength with loci of excellence to be found across the length and width of the nation. SBUK, the UK's premier synthetic biology and engineering biology conference will bring us all together at Newcastle to share our best science.

The SBUK 2022 scientific programme will explore the state-of-the-art in the field, new and emerging opportunities across a range of scientific disciplines and application areas as well as provide opportunities for the scientific community - especially early career scientists - to engage with bio and nanotech companies and start-ups.  The conference will be a fantastic opportunity to discover what's new in bioprocess engineering, microbial communities, mammalian synthetic biology, cell free synthetic biology, responsible innovation, microbial-plant interactions, computational and automation approaches to engineering biology, the interface of biotechnology and nanotechnology as well as in applications of engineering biology to sustainable and smart materials, buildings and societies.

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Visit the Biochemical Society website for additional information.