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Gill Scott, teaching laboratory manager at the School of Life Sciences at the University of Warwick, has been recognised as Technician of the Year for making a positive impact and inspiring others through her work.

Runner up, Elaine Shervill, multi-faculty teaching manager from the Royal Veterinary College, was also recognised for her commitment to the profession.

The HE Bioscience Technician of the Year Award, developed jointly by the Royal Society of Biology and the University Bioscience Managers Association (UBMA), aims to recognise excellent work by technical staff, which underpins bioscience research and teaching at all levels in universities across the UK and Ireland.

The two received their awards at the UBMA conference at Imperial College London, with Imperial's Vice Provost, Professor James Stirling, presenting them with the award.


Professor James Stirling presents Gill Scott with her certificate


Gill, who has been working at the University of Warwick since 2007, has been recognised as an essential driver in increasing student satisfaction scores through her work supporting staff and students alike in their learning and research.

Gill leads a team of six technicians to help deliver exciting and engaging teaching activities for students, alongside facilitating a range of innovative outreach sessions for school children. Gill also works hard to encourage her team and drives their professional development, alongside contributing to pedagogical development and delivery.

In 2017 she also led three separate teams across the university campus to deliver practical examinations for hundreds of students competing the International Biology Olympiad 2017. 

Gill said of receiving her award: “I was delighted to be nominated by the School of Life Sciences at the University of Warwick, where I've worked supporting both research and undergraduate teaching.

“I feel honoured to have my work recognised by the UMBA and RSB in this way. I feel very fortunate to have worked alongside some inspirational colleagues.”


Professor James Stirling presents Elaine Shervill with her certificate


Runner up for the award, Elaine Shervill, was nominated for ongoing commitment to her role and work in modernising and streamlining classes to aid the development of students’ practical skillsets.

Elaine commented: “It’s a joy to get up every morning to go to work and see the students develop their skills throughout their courses, watching them grow from small fledglings into fully fledged young scientists.

“I’m so lucky in having a fantastic team of people around me who listen to my advice and ideas. Interacting with students and colleagues from diverse backgrounds is a pure joy, and I hope to continue in this marvellous job for many more years to come.”

Rachel Lambert-Forsyth, Director of Membership and Professional Affairs at the RSB commented: “Technicians are a valuable backbone for learned institutions and organisations, and their work is essential in delivering high quality working environments for students and researchers.

“Without Gill’s hard work and dedication, IBO 2017 would not have been the same and we thank her on behalf of the RSB for making that once in a lifetime event a reality.

“Congratulations also to Elaine, who delivers outstanding results and is a real asset to the Royal Veterinary College.

“Both Elaine and Gill should be very proud of their achievements.”