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CEO & Operations

Download an organogram to find out who's who or get in touch on 020 7685 2400.



Dr Mark Downs CSci FRSB

Chief Executive




Jen Crosk


Jennifer Crosk

PA to the Chief Executive

020 7685 2562

Jen provides support to the chief executive, manages human resources and facilities. Jen works part time and is available from 10:00 to 14:00.




Ana Ilic AMRSB

Development Officer

020 7685 2496

Ana is responsible for developing and implementing the RSB's fundraising strategy, governance and provides committee secretariat support.

Membership and Professional Affairs

Download a department organogram or call 01233 504 804 for general membership enquiries.



Rachel Lambert-Forsyth CBiol CSci FRSB

Director of Membership and Professional Affairs

020 7685 2498

Rachel is responsible for overall strategy for the Society’s membership provision and activity relating to events, regional activity, accreditation, careers support and professional development, registers and training.




Mark Leach AMRSB

Head of Membership and Marketing

020 7685 2555

Mark is responsible for individual and organisational member recruitment and retention, manages the provision of membership services to third party organisations, and oversees marketing activity.

Ally Spencer


Alexandra Spencer AMRSB

Membership & Marketing Officer

020 7685 2495

Ally visits workplaces and exhibits at conferences across the country, delivering talks, meeting bioscientists and working with current members to promote professional membership.



Lucy Coia AMRSB

Membership & Marketing Assistant

020 7685 2564

Lucy coordinates student recruitment working with on-campus representatives, BioSoc networks, SCAS members and supports membership administration.



Clare Young

Membership Assistant

020 7685 2575

Clare manages the day-to-day administration of the Genetics Society, including membership services, grants and awards administration, and committee support.



Andy Stephens

Membership Assistant

020 7685 2461

Andy manages day-to-day membership administration for the British Society for Neuroendocrinology, the British Lichen Society and the British Society for Genetic Medicine.


Events and Regional Activity



Karen Patel MRSB

Events and Regional Manager

020 7685 2569

Karen is responsible for the strategy, implementation and delivery of internal and external RSB events. She manages regional coordinators to administer branch activities and supports overseas branches.



Isabel Brinsden

Events Officer

020 7685 2550

Isabel is working with the UK Biology Competitions committee to deliver the International Biology Olympiad 2017 and runs the travel grants, photography competition and science communication awards. 



Dr Jane Magill

Regional Coordinator

078 8591 4212 (part time Monday - Wednesday)

Jane supports branches in the north of the UK: East Anglia; North Wales; North Western; Northern Ireland; Northern; Scotland; West Midlands; Yorkshire. Jane also coordinates the regional grant scheme.



Barbara Woods MRSB

Regional Coordinator

020 7685 2576 (part time Wednesday - Friday)

Barbara supports branches in the south of the UK: Beds, Essex & Herts; Devon and Cornwall; East Midlands; London; Kent, Surrey & Sussex; South Wales; Thames Valley; Wessex; Western.


Registers and Professional Development


Joanne Needham CBiol MRSB

Professional Development  Manager

020 7685 2568

Joanne is responsible for the strategy, implementation and delivery of RSB professional development activity including training, professional registers and careers.



Tiffany Giddings MRSB

Senior Training Officer

020 7685 2577

Tiffany supports the development of the RSB training centre and is leading on a professional development programme to support the Gopher Science Lab project in schools. Tiffany administers CSciTeach.



Naomi Smith

Training Officer

020 7685 2578

Naomi supports and administers the delivery and development of the RSB's training centre. She administers CPD event approval and coordinates Employer Advisory Group engagement activities.



Daniel Garnett AMRSB

Professional Development Officer

020 7685 2559

Daniel supports the development and delivery of the RSB's professional development activity including careers and professional registers.




Paul Trimmer

Head of Accreditation

020 7685 2574

Paul is responsible for the strategy, implementation and delivery of RSB's overall Degree Accreditation Programme.




Emma Fowler AMRSB

Accreditation Officer

020 7685 2571

Emma facilitates the accreditation application process and supports institutions. Emma provides administrative support to the head of accreditation and associated committee. 

Liz Psomas


Elizabeth Psomas AMRSB

Accreditation Officer

020 7685 2573

Liz facilitates the accreditation application process and supports institutions. Liz provides administrative support to the head of accreditation and associated committee.


Amy Padfield MRSB

Accreditation Officer


Amy facilitates the accreditation application process and supports institutions. She provides administrative support to the head of accreditation and associated committee. Amy is on maternity leave.


Policy and Public Affairs

Download a department organogram to find out who's who or direct general enquiries to

Dr Laura Bellingan FSB


Dr Laura Bellingan FRSB

Director of Policy and Public Affairs

020 7685 2560

Laura is responsible for overall strategy of the Society’s public affairs and activities relating to education policy, science policy, press, social media communications, public engagement and competitions.


Education Policy

Sarah Dalmedo


Sarah Dalmedo CSciTeach MRSB

Head of Education Policy

020 7685 2557

Sarah manages the RSB's education policy work from primary to tertiary education. Sarah leads on the Curriculum Committee, Biology Education Research Group and Education Policy Advisory Group.



Eleanor Kirby-Green MRSB

Policy Officer (Education)

020 7685 2558

Eleanor supports the delivery of the RSB's education policy and provides administrative support to the Heads of Universities Biosciences committee.


Science Policy



Dr Laura Marshall MRCVS MRSB

Science Policy Manager

020 7685 2567

Laura advances and manages RSB science policy activities and facilitates the formulation and communication of external RSB policies. She provides support to the Education, Training & Policy Committee.



Daija Angeli

Project Officer

020 7685 2566

Daija provides support to the Natural Capital Initiative (NCI) RSB Special Interest Group.
Daija works part time Wednesday - Friday.

Gabi Butkute


Gabriele Butkute MRSB

Science Policy Officer

020 7685 2497

Gabriele works at RSB & Biochemical Society. At RSB key areas of her work are: equality & diversity activities, LeSPAR, Returners to Bioscience group, science policy newsletters & UKPSF social media.



Dr Jonathan Carruthers MRSB

Science Policy Officer

020 7685 2572

Jonathan focuses on science policy activities involving plant sciences, agriculture and the environment. He also provides secretariat support to the UK Plant Sciences Federation.

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Science Policy Officer


This roles focuses on science policy activities relating to human, animal and biomedical research. The officer supports the Animal Science Group and the UK Bioscience Sector Coalition.


Barney Slater


Barney Slater

Policy Intern

Email only





Communications and Outreach

bw web


Philippa Skett

Press and Communications Manager

020 7685 2561




Dr Amanda Hardy


Dr Amanda Hardy MRSB

Senior Outreach Officer

020 7685 2565

Amanda is responsible for the strategy, implementation and delivery of engagement and outreach activities; working with schools, the public, and stakeholders including professional bodies and learned societies.



Raghavendra Selvam AMRSB

Competitions and Outreach Assistant

020 7685 2613

Raghav works with the UK Biology Competitions committee to deliver Biology Challenge, the Intermediate Biology Olympiad and British Biology Olympiad, and engages with Initial Teacher Training institutes.





Tom Ireland MRSB

Managing Editor

020 7685 2556

Tom is editor of the RSB's membership magazine, The Biologist, and oversees the RSB's other publications, such as the Journal of Biological Education.


Parliamentary Affairs

Direct general parliamentary event enquiries to

Dr Stephen Benn


Dr Stephen Benn

Director of Parliamentary Affairs

020 7685 2570

Stephen is responsible for raising the profile and understanding of the life sciences at a parliamentary level, and champions a pan-science approach to policy challenges.