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Download an organogram or get in touch on 020 3925 3440.



Dr Mark Downs CSci FRSB

Chief Executive





Jen Crosk


Jennifer Crosk

PA to the Chief Executive

020 3925 3472

Jen provides support to the chief executive, manages human resources and facilities. Jen works part time and is available from 10:00 to 14:00.


Membership, Regions and Facilities

Download a department organogram or call 012 3350 4804 for general membership enquiries.



Mark Leach AMRSB

Associate Director

020 3925 3446

Mark is responsible for individual and organisational member recruitment and retention, manages the provision of membership services to third party organisations, and oversees events and regional activity.


RSB Membership


Dr Emma Horrigan

Membership Manager

020 3925 3452

Emma is responsible for the membership experience, helping the membership community to strengthen and grow and ensuring that the members to get the most out of their RSB membership.


Ally Spencer


Alexandra Spencer MRSB

Membership Development Officer

020 3925 3447

Ally visits workplaces and exhibits at conferences across the country, delivering talks, meeting bioscientists and working with current members to promote professional membership.




Lucy Coia MRSB

Membership & Marketing Officer

020 3925 3448

Lucy coordinates student recruitment working with RSB Ambassadors, on-campus representatives, BioSoc networks, SCAS members and leads membership administration.


Membership Services



Andy Stephens

Senior Membership Officer

020 3925 3450

Andy manages the day-to-day membership administration for the British Lichen Society, British Society for Genetic Medicine and the International Society for Affective Disorders and oversees the activities of the client services team.




Zushna Ahmed

Membership Officer

020 3925 3449

Zushna provides day-to-day administration for the Anatomical Society, British Society for Neuroendocrinology the Quekett Microscopical Club.




Matt Webb

Membership Officer

020 3925 3451

Matt provides day-to-day administration for the Genetics Society and the Heads of University Biosciences.


Events and Regional Activity



Karen Patel CBiol MRSB

Events and Regional Manager

020 3925 3443

Karen is responsible for the strategy, implementation and delivery of internal and external RSB events. She manages UK and international branch committees to deliver events and activities.


Beth Morgan


Beth Morgan AMRSB

Events Officer

020 3925 3444

Beth delivers RSB events and supports branches: Beds, Essex & Herts; Devon and Cornwall; East Anglia; London; Kent, Surrey & Sussex; South Wales; Thames Valley; Wessex; Western.


Harriet McAra

Harriet McAra AMRSB

Events Officer

020 3925 3445

Harriet delivers RSB events and supports branches: East Midlands; North Wales; North Western; Northern Ireland; Northern; Scotland; West Midlands; Yorkshire.




Shameema Haque AMRSB

Project Officer

020 3925 3442

Shameema is delivering a portfolio of activities and events to celebrate the RSB's 10 year anniversary.


Facilities and Governance


Ana Ilic MRSB

Development & Business Management Officer

020 3925 3473

Ana is responsible for developing and implementing the RSB's fundraising strategy, governance and provides committee secretariat support. Ana also manages the RSB's conference centre.


Accreditation and Professional Affairs

Download a department organogram.


Paul Trimmer AMRSB

Associate Director

020 3925 3456

Paul is responsible for the strategy, implementation and delivery of RSB;s professional development activity including the Degree Accreditation Programme, training, professional registers and careers.


Degree Accreditation

Rosie Clear Hill

Rosie Clear Hill

Accreditation Officer

020 3925 3454

The accreditation officer facilitates the accreditation application process, supports institutions and provides administrative support to the associate director and associated committee. 


Alanah Sheridan


Alanah Sheridan

Accreditation Officer

020 3925 3455

The accreditation officer facilitates the accreditation application process, supports institutions and provides administrative support to the associate director and associated committee. 


Professional Affairs


DSC 0002

Rosie Wakeham MRSB

Professional Development Officer

020 3925 3457

Rosie supports the development and delivery of the RSB's professional development activity including careers work and the professional registers.


Amrat K


Amrat Khorana MRSB

Training and Development Officer

020 3925 3453

Amrat supports the delivery and development of the RSB's training centre. He administers CPD event approval and coordinates Employer Advisory Group engagement activities.


Policy and Public Affairs

Download a department organogram or direct general enquiries to

Dr Laura Bellingan FSB


Dr Laura Bellingan FRSB

Director of Policy and Public Affairs

020 3925 3468

Laura is responsible for overall strategy of the RSB’s public affairs and activities relating to education policy, science policy, press, social media communications, public engagement and competitions.


Education Policy

Lauren Mcleod 2


Lauren McLeod

Head of Education Policy

020 3925 3462

Lauren manages the RSB's education policy work from primary to tertiary education. Lauren also leads on the Curriculum Committee, Biology Education Research Group and Education Policy Advisory Group.




Helen Mitchell

Policy Officer (Education)

020 3925 3463

Helen supports the Curriculum Committee and is delivering a framework for the 5-19 biology curriculum.


bw web



Education Policy Assistant

020 3925 3462

This role provides secretariat support for coordination and collaboration on education policy between the Association for Science Education, Institute of Physics, Royal Society, Royal Society for Biology and Royal Society of Chemistry.


Science Policy



Dr Laura Marshall MRCVS MRSB

Head of Science Policy

020 3925 3469

Laura advances and manages the RSB's science policy activities. She provides support to the Education and Science Policy Committee.





Dr Jonathan Carruthers MRSB

Senior Science Policy Officer

020 3925 3470

Jonathan focuses on science policy activities involving plant sciences, agriculture and the environment. He also provides secretariat support to the UK Plant Sciences Federation.




Alessandro Coatti MRSB

Senior Science Policy Officer

020 3925 3470

Alessandro focuses on science policy activities relating to human, animal and biomedical research. He supports the Animal Science Group and the UK Bioscience Sector Coalition.


Jade Hall


Dr Jade Hall

Science Policy Officer

020 3925 3466

Jade is responsible for providing input and delivering a portfolio of policy activities with focus on research funding, research integrity, research publication, inclusivity and widening participation.




Minna Hartikainen

Project Officer

020 3925 3465

Minna provides support to the Natural Capital Initiative (NCI) RSB Special Interest Group.



Communications and Outreach



Philippa Skett MRSB

Press and Communications Manager

020 3925 3461

Philippa is responsible for the RSB's communications strategy. She manages press, PR, social media, the website and public engagement activities.


Dr Amanda Hardy


Dr Amanda Hardy MRSB

Senior Outreach Officer

020 3925 3459

Amanda is responsible for the strategy, implementation and delivery of engagement and outreach activities and is chair of the RSB's Outreach and Engagement working group.




Raghav Selvam MRSB

Competitions and Outreach Officer

020 3925 3460

Raghav administers the RSB's school competitions and supports its outreach work. He also runs the Nancy Rothwell Award, Outreach and Engagement Award, and Photography Competition.





Tom Ireland MRSB

Managing Editor & Head of Publications 

020 3925 3464

Tom is editor of the RSB's membership magazine, The Biologist, and oversees the RSB's other publications, such as the Journal of Biological Education.



Emma Wrake AMRSB

Editorial Assistant 

020 3925 3479

Emma supports the production of The Biologist and the RSB's other publications. 


Parliamentary Affairs

Direct general parliamentary event enquiries to

Dr Stephen Benn


Dr Stephen Benn

Director of Parliamentary Affairs

020 3925 3474

Stephen works with a wide range of scientific societies to raise the profile of science and to strengthen the links between the science community and both Parliament and Government.

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