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Science in Action

The Royal Society of Biology takes hands-on biology to events across the UK to reach as broad an audience as possible and inspire people to appreciate the life sciences.

We work with our Outreach and Engagement Working Group to ensure the biosciences are well-represented at the major UK science festivals. We also seek out opportunities to bring biology activities to new audiences at cultural events for example.

Supporting biologists to deliver outreach and engagement 

We like to involve researchers, professional biologists and students in delivery of outreach and engagement activities as much as possible. If you are a member you can apply for funding through our outreach and engagement grant scheme to support outreach and engagement events and activities. You can subscribe to our Volunteering Opportunities email to be notified of upcoming public engagement and outreach opportunities.

Biology Week

Biology Week encourages everyone to get involved with biology events, lectures, debates and projects across the UK and beyond. Share your passion for finding out about the world around you and encourage others to do the same. Our free event resources and school resources can help you run your own Biology Week events.

Hands-on biology for schools

Our free activity resources and our 21st Century BioChallenges activities are also suitable to use in schools and there are lots of ideas on the Biology Week in schools page. We offer simple hands-on science to schools via Gopher Science Labs.

Find out more about these and other curriculum-linked resources for teachers on our primary, secondary, higher education and outreach pages.