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Principal Committee

The Royal Society of Biology has two Principal Committees, which reports directly to Council:

Education and Science Policy Committee (ESP)

ESP develop the Society’s strategies, policies and priorities across public policy and education.

Membership and Professional Affairs (MPA)

MPA develop and review the Society’s strategies, policies and processes that support individual members and Member Organisations throughout their lifetime with the RSB.

Other Committees

Working groups, committees and staff carry out the day-to-day activities of the Society.

Accreditation Committee

Previously the Accreditation Working Group and Degree Accreditation Committee; this committee develops and oversees accreditation on behalf of Council.

Biology Curriculum Committee

The role of this committee is to develop a comprehensive view of an appropriate school biology curriculum, form primary to the end of formal secondary education.

Careers Committee

Previously the Biosciences Careers Group; this new committee aims to support and inform career-related decision making for students and other stakeholders.

Employer Advisory Network

The group provides an interface between employers and the Royal Society of Biology.

Member Organisation Education Policy Advisory Group

This committee provides a mechanism for Member Organisations (MOs) to inform the Society's education policy work and all levels - from primary school, through to secondary schools, colleges and higher education.

Primary Working Group

This group was formed to support the work of the biology curriculum committee and be a source of expertise on primary science education.

Journal of Biological Education Editorial Board

Editorial board for the Society's international journal which covers policy, curriculum developments and the latest results of research into the teaching, learning and assessment of biology.

The Biologist Editorial Board 

Editorial board for the Society's members' magazine that carries the full richness and diversity of biology.

Get involved

Most committees are comprised, at least in part, by members or Fellows of the Royal Society of Biology. If you are interested in becoming a member of a committee and would like to contribute your skills and expertise to advancing the Society, take a look at our current opportunities