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Professional Registers

Professional development is essential for today's biologists. Professionalism is continually strived for but encompasses much more than just a job specification. To be truly professional, one must adhere to the ethics and conduct of your area of practice, maintain the standards of knowledge and practice necessary to fulfil your role, and participate in Continuing Professional Development (CPD).


Through a licence, offered by the Science Council, the Royal Society of Biology is now able to offer members four registers:

  • Registered Science Technician (RSciTech)
  • Registered Scientist (RSci)
  • Chartered Scientist (CSci)
  • Chartered Science Teacher (CSciTeach)

This is in addition to our Chartered Biologist (CBiol) status. All those who are committed to the biological sciences in academia, industry, education and research are eligible to join their appropriate register. All these registers can be applied for my visiting mySociety.

Our Professional Registers Comparison document contains a full list of registers administered by the Society.

Continuing Professional Development

CPD is an important area of most career paths. It offers a mechanism by which you can document the work you do above and beyond your job role, aiding upwards progression. At the Society we promote the importance of CPD to all our members and provide a simple system for maintaining your progress throughout the year.

CPD illustrates the number of activities you currently participate in, which count towards your annual submission. Our CPD scheme is wide ranging as we appreciate our members come from all areas of the life sciences, and the development of one member may differ widely from the development of another.


The initial cost for registration is £20 for RSciTech, £25 for RSci, £55 for CBiol, £55 for CSciTeach and £55 for CSci. Once you are accepted to a register, you will be required to pay an annual renewal fee of £20 for RSciTech, £25 for RSci, £25 for CBiol, £55 for CSciTeach and £55 for CSci. Please note that this is in addition to the annual membership fee, and that a paid up membership is a requirement of professional registration. Elections for the registers are quarterly, occurring on the 1st January, April, July, October. We recommend you submit your application at least 6 weeks before election in order for it to be considered in time.

Please note that this suggested timing is based on a straightforward application, and should your submission merit further discussion, it may be postponed until the following election.

The Royal Society of Biology is committed to ensuring equal opportunities in the life sciences, and supports diversity at school and higher education, in the workplace and training.