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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) can be defined as 'the process through which an individual maintains and extends the knowledge and skills necessary for lifelong professional competence'


Why do CPD?

The importance of keeping up to date is particularly necessary in today's demanding society, which expects high standards and accountability from all. CPD is a useful tool for achieving and demonstrating such ability and competence.

As the professional body for biologists, we recognise that a diverse range of knowledge, skills and attributes are required by bioscientists working in numerous and varied professions.

Knowing exactly what counts towards CPD illustrates the number of activities you currently participate in that would count towards your annual submission. Our CPD scheme is wide ranging as we appreciate our members come from all areas of the life sciences, and the development of one member may differ widely from the development of another.

The Society CPD scheme is points based. We ask that you attain 50 CPD points throughout the year, and allocate between one and three points per hour depending on the activity.

What activities count towards CPD?

Almost any activity that develops your valuable skills as a life science employee qualifies for CPD. A small selection includes: the training of staff, the learning of a new practical technique, presenting at a conference, and self-study in any area of biological interest.

We also help you meet the targets for annual progression by approving suitable events. We set a high standard for our approved events so they're worth more points and, by attending, you'll be able to meet your CPD requirements faster. Upcoming Approved Events are always in our Members Newsletter.

As a member of the Society, you gain access to our online members' portal (mySociety), where you can register for, and begin, your CPD. You upload each activity, describing it, the time spent on it and your reflection on how it has impacted on your professional development. You can add activities as frequently as you wish and upon completion of your CPD year you will be certified as having completed our CPD scheme for that year.

Completed CPD years can start exciting new stages of your professional career, for example helping you to progress from RSciTech to RSci to Chartered Status, and is essential for continuing membership of the professional registers.

Whilst our CPD scheme encompasses both structured and unstructured learning. To assist members complete their CPD records the Society offers in person training and online training via myLearning

How do I log my CPD?

When recording your CPD online on myCPD (through mySociety) please ensure that you address the following standards when completing the ‘My Review’ section:

A registrant must seek to ensure that their CPD has contributed to the quality of their practice. In this section you should write a statement on how the activity has benefitted your professional practice. The purpose of this section is to help you reflect on the activity, thinking about what you learnt and how it has impacted you. A written reflection also provides evidence of the activity undertake.

A registrant must seek to ensure that their CPD benefits the users of the service (employee, customer, student etc). In this section you should write a statement on how the users of the service (such as a colleague, employee, student etc.) have benefitted from the CPD activities you have undertaken if applicable.

For more information on CPD, see the Science Council CPD Assessment Criteria, the Learning for Life pdf or email us.

Example CPD records

Example RSciTech CPD Record

Example RSci CPD Record

Example CSci CPD Record