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Students from across the country collected their GCSE results yesterday. There was positive news with the number of students taking STEM (science technology engineering and maths) subjects increasing.

There were increased numbers of students taking science, additional science and further additional science but a drop in the numbers taking the individual biology, chemistry and physics GCSEs.

Science increased by 5.5%, additional science by 10% and further additional science by 10.7%.

Biology had 139,199 entries; a small decrease of 1.9% from last year’s 141,900. However, this decrease in entries most probably reflects an increase in further additional science which is up to 23,389 entries.

Students studying biology GCSE achieved exceptionally well with 90.9% securing A*-C grades. This suggests that the biology GCSE usually taken within triple science qualifications (alongside chemistry and physics GCSE), are often offered to the most able students.

Sarah Cox CSciTeach MRSB, schools and education policy manager at the Royal Society of Biology said:
“It is great to see more young people entering STEM subjects and we are delighted to see that biology students have achieved such fantastic grades. We encourage all students to continue studying biology at GCSE and A level, it is an exciting subject which supports students progressing to a vast array of careers and opportunities within higher education.”