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Results season for secondary students across the UK kicked off today, with students receiving their results across all levels of awards in Scotland.

8,730 students received their National 5 results in biology, more than 10,000 students received their Highers results in biology and human biology, and 2,003 students received their Advanced Higher results for biology.

Biology remains the fourth most popular Advanced Higher, with 546 students being awarded an A grade.

6059 biology and 4089 human biology Highers were awarded with A grades received by 25.2% and 23.4% respectively.

Lauren McLeod, Head of Education Policy commented “We are very pleased that biology and human biology remain popular choices for Scottish students at all levels of study, and congratulate everyone on receiving their results today.

"We wish all students in Scotland success in the next phase of their studies or as they move into employment.“

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