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The Royal Society of Biology celebrates a membership milestone of 21,000 at today’s election, surpassing our year-end target of 20,000.

Membership Team celebrating 21000 members

RSB's membership team celebrated reaching 20,000 members at Christmas. From left to right: Chris Longmore, Emma Chaplin, Mark Leach, Eden Bloomfield, Karen Patel and Shameema Haque.

Mark Leach, director of membership, regions and facilities, commented on this landmark and said: “‘I would like to warmly welcome all our newly-elected members to the Society and thank those members and organisations that continue to support the RSB year on year. Passing 21,000 individual members is an important milestone, which we are delighted to have reached.

“Through our many activities we aim to support those who study, work in and around, teach, or have a passion for biology, and we would be pleased to hear from members and member organisations (new and existing) about how we can further support them as we look to develop our new strategy.”

In addition, RSB welcomes Professor Emerita Lesley Hughes, professor emerita in biology and pro-chancellor at Macquarie University, as an Honorary Fellow (Hon FRSB), in recognition of her impactful work in shaping the discourse on climate change.

Lesley Hughes

Her principal research interests have been the impacts of climate change on species and ecosystems and the implications for conservation. She has spent most of her career in the department of biological sciences at Macquarie but has also held positions including pro vice chancellor (research integrity & development) and interim executive dean of the faculty of science and engineering.

Professor Hughes spoke about her Honorary Fellowship and said: "I have been a biologist since I was about five years old, spending my time catching lizards and insects in my backyard. It is a great honour to join the Royal Society for Biology as an Honorary Fellow”.

Evolution Education Trust

Moreover, we welcome the Evolution Education Trust (EET) as a new Full Member Organisation (MO) - a grant-giving organisation, with a focus on advancing the public understanding of the theory of evolution and its application towards solving complex problems in the life sciences.

As a membership organisation RSB relies on the support of our members to influence policy, advance education and professional development, and encourage public interest in the life sciences. We wish to take this opportunity to thank all of our members for their active engagement in and support of our work.

To make the most of your membership and get involved please visit our website, or speak to our membership team today. If your organisation is interested in becoming an MO, visit our website or contact Chris Longmore for more details.